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Raleigh Downtown Living will help you not to hate food but will teach you how to eat right.

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Shirley Adkins, a writer and a recipe creator, started Raleigh Downtown Living to share her weight-loss journey and some amazing tips for plus size women. Starting at over 400 pounds, she has lost 100 pounds so far and is still looking for new ways on how to lose weight without starving your body. Join Shirley as she explores the different ways to achieve her healthiest, happiest self through amazing recipes, exercises and other inspirational weight loss tips

Healthy Recipes

As a recipe creator, Shirley has the knowledge and the experience to help you stay fit and healthy without sacrificing your love for food. With a wealth of recipe she wants to share with you, food doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless.


Exercise Routine

Plan your day with Shirley starting with a good routine exercise. Exercise is crucial in losing weight. As an aspiring fitness guru, Shirley discover new ways on how to lose weight fast with different exercise routines.

Health Articles

Catch up on articles regarding care for your health.

Physical Activity & Weight Loss

When trying to lose weight, it is important to understand two things. One, weight loss should be achieved in a healthy manner by eating the right diet and engaging in physical activity that burns the extra calories. Secondly, you will need to develop lifestyle habits that allow you to keep your weight in a healthy range. When choosing how you go about losing weight, here are a couple of things you need to have in mind.

Physical activity is important as it helps to ensure you burn more calories and approach a healthy weight range. But you need to engage in safe physical exercises and avoid activities that strain your muscles or lead to unhealthy weight loss. There are so many workout plans in Apex NC that are designed for people with different weight loss needs. Remember that even small amounts of weight loss can have significant health benefits. Check out to learn about personalized weight loss plan.

  • Run With Your Dog
  • Exercising with your pet is one of the best ways in keeping with your fitness schedule. Remember to do it right to attain the maximum benefit of such heartwarming and health promoting activities.

  • Do the Juice
  • Juicing is a popular detoxifying and weight loss regimen where a person consumes the juices of fruits and vegetables to help achieve specific health goals. It allows you to take in an amount of nutrients from fresh foods that you would not likely get in its solid form. So if you want to get rid of built up toxins from your body and lose a few pounds while at it,grab a juice.

  • Back Pain and Excess Weight
  • Being overweight is generally bad for your health. It increases your risk to certain diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Plus, excess weight puts stress on all joints including those of the spine.

    Managing back pain caused by obesity is quite challenging. Some would resort to chiropractic treatment to support the changes in their body while losing weight. Chiropractic care is considered very effective in managing the effects of obesity on your spine, ankles and feet. For more info on professional chiropractic care, check out The Joint Raleigh NC.

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